We understand how difficult and time consuming the preparation of legal documentation such as Wills can be. That’s why we are members of the Institute of Professional Will writers and are compliant with the IPW Code of Practice. Reviews and testimonials are available here.

This means that we have extensive knowledge and experience of Will writing and everything involved in order to make it as stress-free and simple as possible. Effective preparation of your legal Will ensures that your assets are distributed in the manner that you intend, and so that you can determine arrangements for your dependants.

In the absence of a Will, or an incorrect document, your wishes and instructions have no legal standing and therefore it is the government who will establish how your assets and estate are to be distributed and this may go against your wishes.

That is why creating a Will is extremely important, not only to prevent assets being distributed unfairly but also to prevent any financial hardship and unnecessary expense for your family at the very worse possible time.

We can help guide you through the steps of creating your Will, ensuring that your wishes are met every step of the way. Home visits can be arranged if required.

For more information on our Will writing service within the Derbyshire area, contact us on 01332 292204.